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In his appellate practice, Michael Bentley advises clients on trial and appeal strategy, drafts and argues critical trial motions, and handles all aspects of an appeal – from briefing through oral argument. He has litigated appeals of all varieties in state and federal court and has served as appellate counsel at trial for significant litigation matters. His commercial litigation experience ranges from contract and commercial lease disputes to housing-discrimination claims, whistleblower suits, tort claims, and tax protests.

Financial Negligence Claim Reversed in Mississippi Supreme CourtIn Gloria Baker, et al. v. Raymond James & Associates Inc., et al., the Mississippi Supreme Court on March 4 reinstated a trial court ruling that Mississippi’s latent-injury discovery-rule exception to the catch-all, three-year limitations period did not apply where the lay plaintiffs, though inexperienced and unsophisticated investors, received monthly account statements showing “substantial

Ninth Circuit to Decide Transgender Inmate's Right to Sex-Reassignment Surgery; First and Fifth Circuits Have Rejected Similar Constitutional ClaimsPrison healthcare litigation has been on the rise throughout the country. Private healthcare providers for state prison systems are often caught up in class actions or complex injunctive-relief litigation targeting both the provider and the state for alleged shortcomings in the types and adequacy of care provided, matters which are often a function of state